We are Farmers

“We believe farm-to-fork quality management is the way forward for Food Industry.”

We are passionate about the products we sell and believe that a safe route to Spice begins on the farms. Our backward integration program in farming is focussed on implementing sustainable agriculture standards for maintaining continuity of future supplies.

Our aim is to secure a food-safe environment through our Backward Integration Program in Farming by mitigating the threat of intruding contaminants and potentially unsafe chemicals from entering the product cycle.

In new plant, as per the requirement of all food products transported to our own climate controlled cold stores located close to our processing units to preserve product freshness and maintain farmer lot traceability through a unique coding system powered by Crop in software.

‘Healthy eating, happy eating’ has become the latest mantra. People nowadays want to eat healthy and moreover eat what is directly derived from the lap of nature. In other words, people are growing increasingly aware of food that is grown without any use of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals- grown organically. Therefore, more and more farmers are switching over to organic farming.

The most principle of organic farming is the fact that it treats soil as a living entity. The fertility of the soil is never compromised upon and crops that are grown in the soil are indigenous crops. Crop rotation is practiced very religiously in organic farming so that the health of the soil is maintained. As per the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement, organic farming is based on the principles of health, ecology, fairness and care in that order.

Organic manure is nutrient derived from organic sources like animal waste, vegetable compost, agricultural residues, human excreta, etc. Basically they are natural materials that decay and get mixed with the soil thereby increasing its fertility. The main idea behind providing organic manure is to break down the complex inorganic nutritional supplements into simpler organic ones that can be easily absorbed and assimilated by the plants. Manures having a low nutrient content have residual effect for a longer period of time. It also improves the quality of the soil. Some of the major manure sources. Besides these kitchen waste can be used to make organic manure for gardening.

“Every Day May Not Be Good But There Is Something Good In EveryDay”

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